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Today a lot of Renewable Energy (RE) educational information are provided by the gorvernment Energy Department, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) educational  programs promote science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) to capture students interest. From grades 4-12, undergrade and graduate programs. and a short video about RE  PV Solar  Energy 101: Solar PV 

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The following solar PV tools and applications are available to all  designer, installer  and end user of solar PV systems :

    • Systems sizing, calculator to calculate PV power base on location
    • Compute Energy production for a given location
    • Calculate energy cost and saving for a given location
  • System Advisor Model (SAM)is a performance and financial model designed to facilitate decision making for people involve in the renewable energy industry
    • Project managers and engineers
    • Policy analysts
    • Technology developers
    • Researchers
    • Systems Designers and End Users
    • States incentives
    • Fed ITC tax credit
  • US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Environmental Data, air pollution and Green House Gas Emission  

Online Learning, according to the Department of Education and Wikipedia Online Learning have been growing rapidly and major educational institution throughout the USA MIT, Stanford, Harvard, Yale are expanding offering more courses. Educational technology, video conferencing, Audio/Video/Text and the internet have made learning easier, faster; online learning also have referred to as:

  • ELearning, Online Learning, Distance Learning
  • Virtual Class Room, and Distributed Learning and more

We want to take advantage of RE, leveraging technology, the internet to Engage, Educate and Empower people of the world; to enhance their standard of living by helping them acquire the skills and job training using free to low cost courses to obtain certificate of completion, find jobs and create enterprises. Below is a list ELearning sites that we have used in the past; however, there many schools on the internet:

  • Khan Academy

    Khan Academy you can learn anything for free K-12 and adults education, free progress report tool

  • Cousera

    Coursera provides universal access to the world’s best education, partnering with top universities and organizations to offer courses online. And non-university partners with verified certificates as a paid option, plus specializations

  • edX Founded by Harvard University and MIT in 2012, edX is an online learning destination and MOOC provider, offering high-quality courses from the world’s best universities and institutions to learners everywhere.
  • Udemy

    Udemy is the leading global marketplace for teaching and learning, connecting students everywhere to the world’s best instruction anywhere. design, marketing, lifestyle, photography, software, health, music, and more

Would you like to support us by helping with our work? Then do not hesitate to contact us. A helping hand is always greatly appreciated PLEASE MAKE A DONATION Today—>DONATE

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